Crock-Pot 24-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Deluxe Edition, Blue Price: $34.99 (as of 10/12/2019 05:36 PST- Details)

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Bring last night’s leftovers, eat fitter, cut calories, curb spending, and indulge in a pleasing hot lunch every time and wherever with the portable Crock-Pot Lunch Crock. Simply fill the 24-oz. inner removable vessel and place within the Lunch Crock go back and forth caddy. Dock it at the kettle base and turn it on when you find yourself in a position to begin warming. Food will gently heat and deal with a desirable temperature until you turn off the unit. Warming time does now not cut into eating time and your meal can stay warm all through your busy schedule. The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock may be ideal for dorms or for parties to warm dips!

From the Manufacturer

Lunch Crock

Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer

Desktop Dining Just Were given Better

Hot, homemade meals away from home? No problem. With the Crock-Pot Lunch Crock food warmer, easily make lunchtime more leisurely–and delicious. Revel in a little bit of home away from home with hot lunches made to reserve.

The portable unit comes with a cordless caddy–complete with an integrated loop carry take care of and To be had in various stylish colors–with the ease of a slow-heating food warmer. The food warmer offers a pleasant alternative to commonplace lunchtime pitfalls like pricey take-out, crowded cafeterias, or skipping lunch all in combination. With the portable Lunch Crock food warmer, you’ll be able to stay focused and motivated at work, knowing that a warm, mouth-watering meal soon awaits you.


1. Fill
Lunch Crock

24-ounce capacity is the easiest size for private portion lunches. view larger
2. Go
Lunch Crock

Cordless caddy with a pail take care of for simple toting to and from home. view larger
3. Enjoy
Lunch Crock

Heats your lunch even as you work–benefit from the culinary comforts of home from anyplace. view larger
Lunch Crock

On/Off Switch conveniently powers unit from removable electric corded base. view larger
Lunch Crock
24-Ounce Capacity

The Lunch Crock food warmer offers a convenient 24-ounce capacity–absolute best for one-person lunches. Fill the container together with your favorite foods, the rest from canned or homemade soup to savory stew, oodles of noodles, or last-night’s leftovers. Food slowly heats even as you might be working, so it is in a position to Revel in when it is time for that much-needed break to your day. The food warmer also is useful for warming oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or perhaps a small stack of pancakes for a past due, leisurely breakfast at your desk, whether at a home place of work or corporate headquarters.

Microwave Alternative

Community microwaves are regularly crowded and are regularly covered in messy splats and splatters, to not mention lingering odors from the heated meal ahead of yours. With the Lunch Crock food warmer, Revel in an overall more appetizing enjoy. Bon appetite.

Versatile–From Birthday celebration Dips to Dorm Rooms

The 24-ounce portable food warmer can be used for cheese dip, artichoke dip, and other appetizers, keeping them perfectly warm and simple to serve–a pleasant choice when webhosting circle of relatives for the vacations or having friends over for game day. The food warmer also is useful in a dorm room, offering a good way to warm up canned soup or mom’s yummy leftovers from a weekend discuss with back home.

Convenience is Key

To use, simply fill the interior container with food and protected the air-tight lid. Insert the food warmer into its cordless caddy, screw at the outdoor lid, and head out the door for take-anyplace meals at the go. Filling and refrigerating the interior container the night before lets in for time-saving convenience the following morning.

You can make a selection to depart your caddy and electric base at work and produce the filled container with you. Or, use the caddy with its screw-on go back and forth lid to move the filled container; then just dock the caddy to the electrical warming base when you find yourself in a position to begin heating your food. Either way, it is a very simple, convenient strategy to turn work space into lunch space.

The food warmer also provides an On/Off toggle switch, an influence indicator light, a vented lid that permits air to drift properly, and a manual cord wrap at the warming base. Perfect of all, the removable inner container cleans up easily by hand or within the dishwasher, so it is at all times in a position to move.

Make your lunch…

Lunch Crock

Includes inner metal container with lid, outer caddy with lid, and electric corded base. view larger
Better for You
  • Bring fitter lunch options from home
More Enjoyable
  • Skip the crowded, messy community kitchens
  • Totally tote-in a position and no fuss–just plug in and warmth until in a position to eat
  • Also use for serving hot dips and fondues at home
  • Great for dorm rooms to heat soup, noodles, oatmeal, and leftovers

What’s within the Box?

Crock-Pot Lunch Crock SCCPLC240 food warmer, user manual

Note: To be had in more than one colors; images shown above are of the Blue lunch warmer (model SCCPLC240-BL-SHP)

Ensure this fits by entering your model number.
24-ounce capacity is the easiest size for private portion lunches or for dips
Portable food warmer gently heats hot lunch even as you work
Cordless caddy with integrated carry take care of for simple toting to and from home
On/Off Switch conveniently powers unit from electric kettle base
Vented lid lets in correct air drift to warm food perfectly

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