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In PART ONE of his 2-Section Prosthetic Makeup Basics webcourse series, Rob Burman (STAR TREK, THE THING, THE FLY)
unveils the secrets for creating translucent gelatin makeup appliances. The usage of foundational, cost-effective ways, Burman
takes you throughout the first steps in executing your makeup transformation, together with alginate facial life-casting, sculpting a
prosthetic onto a stone Certain, and making a Mould that may be able for gelatin casting.


  • Alginate Life-Casting Techniques
  • Creating a Stone Certain of your Actor
  • Sculpting the Appliance
  • Basic Mould Making for Prosthetics
  • About the Actor

    For 40 years Rob Burman has been taking part in with clay.

    In reality it started when he was once a tender boy and his father handed him the cushy and yielding subject matter to stay the boy occupied
    even as the senior Burman created a few of Hollywood s more bizarre Make-up and Effects; The Planet
    of the Apes , Lost In Area , Invasion of the Body Snatchers . A real pioneer within the film trade.

    Rob, himself, started working right in conjunction with his old man contemporary out of highschool. His new-found career took off and he
    never looked back; The Thing , Ghostbusters , The Fly Rob was once enthusiastic about all of them. His love of the craft is
    apparent in his sculpted designs, which can be viewed by millions of folks far and wide the arena in just about 300 films and
    tv displays.

    While immersed in his career, Rob started discovering the wondrous ability of his grandfather, Ellis Burman. Right through the Great
    Depression, Ellis was once a sculptor in Nebraska and created monuments and museum items such as: Smoke
    Signals (an 18 tall, 26 ton cement sculpture), war memorials, and busts of a large number of politicians of his day, together with Eleanor

    When Ellis in any case headed west for Hollywood, he turned into enthusiastic about classic movies like 1941’s The Wolfman , (sculpting
    the silver-headed cane that causes the lead monster s demise and saves the day), Abbot and Costello Meet
    Frankenstein or even TV s The Munsters .

    Rob, as a 3rd generation artist, was once hooked. His passion for creating in clay was once gnawing away at him. He had sculpted
    literally loads of items all through his career, from masks to monsters, from the cool animated film to the ultra-realistic. However now his
    inventive wants were overflowing. What would his private inspiration be?

    Then he found out Leonardo. After years of turning two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional truth, a sequence of Da
    Vinci s tiny thumbnail sketches referred to as The Grotesques created in Rob the need to look them remodeled in kind
    To determine simply who these folks were. The muse was once found.

    From there, Rob expanded into different works of art. His life-like figures of the Signature Series have amazed and
    entertained folks from all over the global. The one in every of a sort stylings of his Uniquities series are both incredible, yet
    by hook or by crook undefinable, tell intimate and imaginitive stories.

    The material of Rob s mind is wealthy and deep. There are enough individual concepts to fill a life-time s value of sculptural
    fulfillment. Every creation has its own personality and all fill the mind with marvel.

    When asked what piece he’s going to do next, Rob replies, What do you want?

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